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:rose::blackrose::rose: Hello, ma chéries~ :rose::blackrose::rose:

I'm back from Tokyo and from the Deep Sanctuary event. It was really wonderful!

I will provide a brief report:

Kozi's band ZiZ was the opening act, and if you're unfamiliar with them, they're a bit funky and really fun. A little like Kozi's former project XA-VAT, a little like Kozi solo. I didn't like them when they first debuted, but I find them really interesting now!

Moi Dix Mois was the main act, and I'm kind of completely unfamiliar with them (being a Kozi fangirl and all). but it was really powerful to see Mana on stage and in person for the first time in my life. His silhouette is really cool, and especially with all the fog and lights... wow!
I didn't know any M10M songs, but it was really a beautiful experience, and I did feel very sad since K passed away and the band was one member short.
After the four of them played for a little while, Kozi joined them for [some more songs I didn't recognize], and it was really heartwarming to see Mana and Kozi on the same stage (despite a bunch of peoples' heads in the way, of course).

After M10M, they cleared the stage and really got us anticipating and excited for the Malice Mizer reunion. In the darkness, suddenly, "Bois de Merveilles" came on, and the three of them entered: Mana, Yu~ki, and Kozi. It was breathtaking! I have been waiting my whole life for this!
With Kozi singing, they played S-CONSCIOUS with lots of pyrotechnics(?)/smoke gimmicks, and it was really cool, like a smaller attempt of the Merveilles L'espace live.
Then they had a Q&A session, where Kozi would read fans' questions for Yu~ki, and if a girl wrote in, he would use a falsetto voice to sound like a girl. So cute.
Some of the questions for Yu~ki were "do you still like chocolate?" and "do you still like to wear yellow clothes?" and the answers were "yes, but I don't eat so much" and "yes, but I like antique tones" (like steampunk? Kozi asked.)
They also talked about curry for a bit, and about making it for eachother. "Mana is always talking about curry," Kozi said. When he asked Mana to comment, of course Mana didn't speak.
But when Yu~ki first said something, Kozi looked so surprised and said "YOU SPOKE!" and that was really cute~

Anyway, after the Q&A session, Malice Mizer played N.P.S. N.G.S. to get the crowd going again. Everyone was shouting along, though I guess I was expecting a more iconic Malice Mizer song than this.
After that, they left the stage and the fans were crying their names. They came back to the instrumental of "Au Revoir" and Mana was riding his Roller Through Go-Go scooter, and it was a cute overwhelming moment of happiness in my heart, I thought this is what their old concerts must have been like! Well, I couldn't see very well but Mana must have fallen down-- I think he faked it, he can be kind of a dork sometimes, but I've read a few reports that seem to suggest he wasn't all there (distracted and depressed about K's death, or something on his mind). I like to think it was a cute intentional slip, and then Yu~ki helped him up. Very cute, and something they would do on purpose, I think.

They were also throwing little candies into the audience. Kozi was carrying his old doll G-kun! It really looked like old times. And, I managed to catch one of the candies that Mana threw out into the crowd. It is signed, and I will treasure it forever ;_;

It was a really beautiful night and dreamlike experience. I have never been so happy in my life...!

Until next time, 一杯やっか。
:rose::blackrose::rose: Hello, ma chéries~ :rose::blackrose::rose:

Mana and Kozi and Yu~ki will once again reunite for a Deep Sanctuary concert event! This year it will be October 11, at Akasaka Blitz (in Tokyo, of course), which is coming up fast~

From what I understand, Kozi will be playing guitar for Moi dix Mois, in place of the late guitarist K, and they will also be playing (at least) one MALICE MIZER song.

In Mana's blog, he provides a link for you to ask your questions to Yu~ki (who has been out of the limelight except for events like these) so if you have questions and are comfortable using Japanese, here is the link.

Although I am currently in Japan, I am unsure whether I can go to this event, but I would really love to see MALICE MIZER on stage in the flesh.

Is anyone going? :)

EDIT: Actually, I just bought the ticket and made travel arrangements today, so if everything goes as planned, I will be going to this event after all! I'm so excited, and so full of joy and fangirl tears. Now, what to wear...

In related news (from what I've gathered, so this might be old news for some fans)

:bulletred: Kaya has formed a new glamorous gothic/visual band called "Femme Fatale" featuring Kozi's support-drummer CHARGE, among others. Check them out on Youtube~ It's a little different from Kaya's usual work, but very interesting to see this direction.

:bulletblue: There is a ZIGZO concert coming up in December in Osaka, which I hope to attend. It's a special anniversary concert, so it is a must-see for any ZIGZO/Tetsu fans!

And in personal news, or perhaps some bragging rights, I am so happy to say I am the proud owner of a signed copy of Kozi's "Izayoi no Tsuki" book/CD collaboration with author Minako. (Unfortunately, I did not actually meet Kozi and have him sign it; I found it at a secondhand store, for a ridiculously low price.) It's so beautiful I nearly cried! Kozi items are always very expensive, but as a fan and collector, it is a priceless treasure to me :heart:
:rose::blackrose::rose: Hello, ma chéries~ :rose::blackrose::rose:

It has been a while and there is not much that happens in this group, but I love getting submissions and seeing your lovely artwork, so please keep them coming.

I haven't been keeping up with much related news, lately, but in recent news:

:bulletblue: Guitarist "K", Kengo, from Moi dix Mois passed away last month. There are no details released and no word of how this will affect the band, but my condolences for the fans, friends, and family members.

:bulletred: In lighter news, Kozi is with his band ZiZ (check them out here) and will be doing some shows in July featuring Schwarz Stein and Ken Morioka! So that's something cool to look forward to :)

:bulletyellow: Tetsu is busy with his side projects Indies Denryoku, Nil, and The JuneJulyAugust.  Also, ZIGZO has a new album out! Tetsu is one really busy guy, huh?

In other news, I will be returning to Japan next month to live and work in Kobe for at least a year, and while I am not busy bogged down with work, I hope to go to as many concerts as I can and pick up hidden gems-- I know I'm missing a bunch of things in my Malice Mizer collection; what do your collections look like?
I will also likely have picked up too many gems and will be making sales posts (on a tumblr link to be provided later).

Anyway, that's it for now.
If anyone has comments or suggestions on how to improve the group, how to improve their art, or want to discuss MM-related things, you are always welcome to message me or comment below.
:bulletpink: Hello, ma chéries! :bulletpink:
It has been a while, and for that I apologize! m(_ _)m
For the last four months I've been living with a host family that did not have internet access, or really, any free time or food.  So things were tough.  BUT, I am back now, and things will be so much better~

I don't mean to brag or turn this into my own personal journal (I have enough of that already), but while I've been in Japan, I've been looking for and looking up anything I can find in the world of MALICE MIZER!
I've probably bought nearly $200 worth of merchandise here, my favourite of which is UV's MALICE MIZER FILE, or, "éternité" -- 300+page book full of UV magazine articles.  I got it for only 400 yen at a secondhand store. There are hamburgers that cost more than that much money in this country XD

I also picked up many VHS tapes and singles releases to complete my collection, and have amassed just a lot of...stuff.
But I feel so slow, collecting these ten to twenty-year-old gems from a now defunct band, and devoting my life to them.  It's quite sad, isn't it?
The store I frequent is wonderful for findings, and because it is secondhand, it is easy to get carried away. They even have some of Közi's CDs...or at least will, until I buy those, too.  It has become my favorite store on earth.

With that said, would anyone be interested on getting their hands on something?  I have a copy of "Cathédrale de la Rose", which is the black version of Livre Rosé, the Bara no Seidou era photobook. I will admit the "blanche" version is better, if only because there are what, say, 5 extra pages in it.  But it is beautiful nonetheless.

I also have gathered other non-MALICE MIZER things that I'm feeling not too fond of, including Klaha's album "Nostal Lab".  I don't know why I bought it, seeing as how I'm not particularly a Klaha fan.  But if someone is interested, let me know ;)

:bulletpurple: Anyway... What is new? :bulletpurple:

:bulletred: Well, if you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, Közi is in a new band!  They are called "XA-VAT", and have a very 80's feel to them.  The other members are vocalist Shuuji Ishii (of cali≠gari), Sadie Pink Galaxy (of SPEECIES), and Takao Koma (of goatbed) on drums.  Közi, of course, plays guitar.  So far, they have one single, featuring the songs "ZEROTICA" and "XANADOoM", which you can order from CDJapan, and they are working on an album to release in March, along with their Japan Tour.  They will be stopping in Osaka, where I will go see them ;P

I have already been to one of Közi's lives, earlier this December, at which Sadie and Takao played in his support band.  He's remastered his material and given it a more "XA-VAT" feel, and I really hope he does something with that, like a new release or something, and doesn't neglect his solo project for XA-VAT or his other band, "My Horror Revue".
(Does anyone know anything more about "My Horror Revue", for that matter?)

:bulletblue: Manasama has also been busy with his project Moi dix Mois, and of course his fashion line Moi meme Moitie. Moi dix Mois released their new album "D+SECT" earlier this month and have been doing special Christmas events.

:bulletyellow: As for the other ex-MALICE members: Tetsu finished with nil's 2010 WARP ROCK tour, promoting their new album; Gackt has a new single out called "EVER" since this last summer and is probably busy with more new things and DVD releases.  Klaha and Yu~ki are busy keeping things on the down-low, and are rumoured to be living in the remote mountains of Romania, eating chocolate pudding to their hearts' content. Or probably just sitting in their apartments eating soup and not knowing how to use computers.

Well, with 2010 coming to an end, we are all excited to see what 2011 will bring to our world of malice and tragedy!

An omnibus CD release in January will feature a cover of "Gekka no Yasoukyoku" by the band "D", as well as several other Neo Visual Kei artists covering their predecessor's songs. What do you think of D's cover of Gekka?

2010 was a pretty crummy year for Visual Kei.  Maybe 2011 will be better.
Happy new year~!!
If there are other entries in the works, please tell me right now, so I can delay the deadline.  I do not have permission to use the internet at my host family's house, so I have limited access.

There are only two entries, but I thought there were others interested in participating! Please let me know! I will give you more time if you need it.

If you didn't know, xxLulu is in Japan! In Osaka-shi, to be exact. If anyone has information on good shops, or places for MALICE MIZER merchandise or Lolita clothes, secondhand or not, please share it with me!

♥, xxLulu

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